Mountain biking @ Washington Slagbaai

The roads and scenery of the park make it a great ride for mountain bikers. The tour, which is 34 km (21 miles) long, has a great variety of views and terrain. Long stretches of flat roads beside the sea contrast with severe up and down hills between mountains.
Be aware, this ride is for people used to biking regularly; do not attempt it if you aren’t in good shape. Although the highest altitude on the bike route is only about 100m / 333feet, temperatures get very high and the terrain is rough.
Even though it’s not mandatory, we highly recommend a back up vehicle if you decide to go for it!
Other recommendations from Park staff:
Bring plenty of drinking water!
Use sunscreen and a hat, especially if your hair is thin. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on the backs of your hands, the tops of your feet, your ears, your lips, and the back of your neck.
Light-colored clothing will be more comfortable when you’re in the direct sun.
Be prepared for the possibility of scrapes to yourself and punctures in your bike tires.
Begin early in the morning (the Park opens at 8:00 am). 
Biking in the Park is required to begin before noon. The Park staff highly recommends that biking begin early in the morning. The cooler temperatures are more comfortable for bikers and the resident animals are more likely to be seen.
The park does not provide bicycles but we do!

Funrace Bonaire 14 sept 2014

With our moutainbikes you are also able to run these tracks on Bonaire